Gatlinburg Trip – emailed 3/28

Click here for Medical Authorization Form for Prescription Medication

3/28/23 email
Good afternoon,

Here is our finalized information.  Attached is an itinerary, packing list, and Medication Authorization Form for Prescription Medication.  Remember, PRESCRIBERS need to sign it, so please don’t wait until April 11th to fill it out.

We still have a number of students that have not filled out the google form :

This form is for parking and food allergies.  If you will not be leaving a car, or do not have food allergies for us to be aware of at the Stampede, please still complete the form to help us keep up with everyone.

Speaking of keeping up, I still have about 10 students with forms out and about 18 individual payments to come in.  Please try to take care of that by Friday.  Monday and Tuesday when we return from break will be packing days of percussion and guard equipment, uniforms, music, etc.  We need our focus on departure, not planning for departure.

Thank you!

Mike Luley