The band program depends on many funding sources made possible by the careful planning and hard work of the band directors, students, and the many band boosters. The band directors strive to keep band program costs low compared to similar county programs. There are two basic types of fundraising, general and student account.

General Fundraisers

General fundraisers directly support all activities of the band. Six basic types of general fundraising activities occur each year.

TAG DAY – Tag Day is the major fund-raising event for the band. All students are required to participate. Tag Day is held the first Saturday after Labor Day weekend, with the following Saturday as a rain date. Students wear their band uniforms. Many parent volunteers are needed prior to and on Tag Day. For more information or to assist with Tag Day activities, contact Debra Barrett and Ursula Schuttinga, Tag Day Coordinators:

Tag Day 2023:

Tag Day was held on on Saturday, Sept. 9th from 7am – 2pm.

Post-Tag Day: For those of you who missed our energetic students walking through your neighborhood on Tag Day, it’s not too late to contribute! Send your contributions by check, made out to LBBB (three B’s), to Lake Braddock Secondary School, Attn: Music Dept, 9200 Burke Lake Road, Burke, VA 22015, with ‘Tag Day’ on the memo line or donate ONLINE today! Just use the button below to visit our PayPal donation page and select TAG DAY. Any amount is appreciated!

RESTAURANT FUNDRAISERS – Raise some money for the Lake Braddock Band when you share a meal with your family and friends. We encourage EVERY FAMILY to participate… just plan to eat out or take out on the day of the band restaurant fundraisers. For more information or if you have an idea for a restaurant that we might enjoy, contact Vernon Samuel, Restaurant Fundraiser Coordinator:

WHITE HOUSE ORNAMENTS (WHO) – The LBSS Band raises funds through the sale of eye-catching White House ornaments. Many families and collectors prize the new ornament issued each year by the White House Historical Association. Current year ornaments are available. Students can earn letter points by taking part in this fundraiser. Band families are encouraged to purchase these dazzling collectors’ items as gifts for relatives and friends. In addition, band families can sell ornaments to coworkers, friends, and relatives, with all funds raised supporting the band.  For more information, contact Sharon Dietz, White House Ornaments Coordinator:

CAR WASHES – The Student Band officers sponsor and arrange car washes that occur at the start of marching band season. All band and guard members are encouraged to participate. Funds raised are earmarked for the Student officer gift to the band at the end of the year. Any extra funds also help defray the costs associated with producing the slide shows presented at the Progressive Dinner and Spring Banquet, senior flowers at certain events, and the creation of the annual band photo collage. Students can earn a letter point if they attend all car washes.

BRUIN SPIRIT WEAR –  Spirit Wear is available periodically.  For more information, contact Stephanie Dagley, Taryn Svercl, and Nicole Ferrara, Spirit Wear Coordinators:

Individual Student Account Fundraiser

Fundraiser Organizer:  Michele Buschman,

The following fundraiser is open to all Band and Color Guard members and makes it possible for students to earn money to offset some or all of their personal band expenses during the year. Rebates are the property of Lake Braddock Band Boosters but funds are earmarked for the earning family. When a family leaves the program the earnings remain with the Band as part of the general fund.

What is “RaiseRight”?
How often have you been caught without cash but didn’t want to use a credit card? RaiseRight can be used in place of cash, checks, and credit cards for everyday expenses like groceries, gasoline, clothing, and other essentials, as well as for entertainment expenses like movies, restaurants, and even vacations. Nearly 700 vendors are available nationwide! You can also give them as gifts or e-gifts. For every dollar of RaiseRight you purchase your student earns 2-18% (or more) towards the spring performance trip and band expenses without you spending an additional penny! RaiseRight is the only individual fundraiser currently available.

How do I get RaiseRight?
You can enroll on your smartphone and/or computer.

  • Go to a computer) or set up the RaiseRight app on your smartphone (see below) and register by entering your e-mail address, creating a password, and filling out the required information, including your student’s name, graduating year, and instrument (rather than teacher). Accept the “terms and conditions” and enter the LBBBB Enrollment Code 2FL5B2L1117L4.
  • Register for PrestoPay™Online Payments (Lake Braddock Bruin Band Boosters does not take check payments.) You can now instantly link your bank account to RaiseRight and start shopping right away. (Manually entering banking information is still an option, which takes 1-2 business days to process.) In addition to linking a bank account (PrestoPay™), you can choose the option to pay for gift cards with a VISA or Mastercard. (NOTE: A processing fee is added to your order total each time you pay with a credit card.
  • Reloads and EGift Cards are available instantly, no waiting for a plastic card to be delivered!
  • Once you enter a plastic order online the RaiseRight Coordinator will automatically be notified and your order will be included in the group order when it is placed (usually on a monthly basis). Orders for plastic cards can be picked up at the Coordinator’s home, generally within one week of the ordering deadline date. Those who’ve placed a plastic card order will receive instructions via email when orders are ready for pickup.

How do I use Mobile RaiseRight?
Make sure all adults in the family have the RaiseRight app set up on their phones; UPDATE:  The appearance of the site has changed and now allows you to order plastic (physical) gift cards in addition to reloads and eGift cards, so select carefully as plastic cards still follow monthly deadlines for shipment.  You can also choose the new ship to home feature if available for that particular vendor.  Note, that if you choose to ship to home there will be a shipping fee.  If you choose the monthly ship to the RaiseRight Coordinator, there is no shipping fee.

How do I pay for RaiseRight?
Activate the “Presto Pay™” tool and conveniently pay online at the time you place your order. Your payment will be electronically deducted from your checking account. There’s only a small fee of 15 cents per order (less than the cost of a postage stamp or the gas used to drop off a check at school)! Visa and Mastercard may also be used, however, you will be charged a processing fee on your purchase.

How do I apply my rebates to my student’s bill?
Monthly rebates are added to individual student’s band fundraising account.  To apply funds toward expenses, please contact the LBBBB Treasurer, stating the dollar amount you wish to apply. The transfer is NOT automatic.

  • IMPORTANT REMINDER: Rebates are the property of Lake Braddock Bruin Band Boosters.  When a family leaves the program the earnings remain with the Band as part of the general fund.  Earnings may be applied to fees ( ex: concert band fee, marching band fees, etc.) but only in exact amounts as LBSS isn’t set up for partial payments of fees.  Amounts applied to trip fees do not need to be in exact amounts.

Order Dates in 2023 for Plastic Cards: September 24, October 29, November 26, and December 10. Only those families ordering plastic cards will receive an email with instructions for pick up.

RaiseRight eGift Cards and Reloads are available 24/7/365!