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Congrats to our middle and high school band members who were selected to the District XI All District Band!

Middle School:High School:
Anna S. (Flute)Elena P. (Flute)
Stella K. (Flute)Elaine M. (Flute)
Alex M. (Oboe)Emily H. (Flute)
Ayla G. (Bb Clarinet)Margaret S. (Oboe)
Diane Y. (Bb Clarinet)Olivia O. (Oboe)
Dina P. (Bb Clarinet)Rachel S. (Bassoon)
Jooha K. (Alto Sax)Misha B. (Bb Clarinet)
Elias B. (Tenor Sax)Jared B. (Bb Clarinet)
Caffrey O. (Trumpet)Alden B. (Bb Clarinet)
Noah C. (Trumpet)Noah D. (Bb Clarinet)
Ryan D. (Trumpet)Murphy F. (Bb Clarinet)
Lydia G. (Horn)Liam M. (Bb Clarinet)
Bryce M. (Euphonium)Nolan V. (Bass Clarinet)
Eva F. (Euphonium)Kabir S. (Alto Sax)
Olivia T. (Euphonium)Kimmi H. (Trumpet)
Hunter H. (Trombone)Lucas C. (Trumpet)
Andrew Y. (Trombone)Lukas S. (Trumpet)
 Warner S. (Trumpet)
ALTERNATESIan W. (Trombone)
Adelina S. (Flute)Andrew O. (Trombone)
Yazen S. (Alto Sax)Nathan L. (Trombone)
Ariel V. (Horn)Avery W. (Trombone)
Isabella M. (Trumpet)Joseph M. (Euphonium)
 Jack D. (Euphonium)
 Isaac S. (Euphonium)
 Caleb S. (Tuba)
 Caleb M. (Percussion)
 Ben B. (String Bass)
 Ash J. (Bassoon)
 Juniper J. (Horn)
 Westin M. (Euphonium)
 Preston F. (Percussion)

Marching Bruins

The history of the Lake Braddock Band is one of continued excellence reflecting the dedication of hard-working students, parents, and faculty. Lake Braddock is the only school in the Commonwealth of Virginia to be designated a Virginia Honor Band for 40 consecutive years and 41 superiors in marching assessment!

See the list of honors and awards the Lake Braddock Band has received over the last few years.

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